The following scholars have provided comments, advice, and content for Life at Sea, for which AM is very grateful:

Richard Blakemore
Associate Professor, University of Reading

Hester Blum
Professor of English, Pennsylvania State University

James Davey
Lecturer in Naval and Maritime History, University of Exeter

Cheryl Fury
Professor of History, University of New Brunswick, Saint John

Paul Gilje
George Lynn Cross Professor Emeritus of History, University of Oklahoma

Elin Jones
Lecturer in Maritime History, University of Exeter


We would also like to acknowledge and thank the following academics for contributing essays, videos, and guides to this resource:

Sara Caputo
Senior Research Fellow in History, Magdalene College, University of Cambridge

Callum Easton
PhD Candidate, and Teaching Fellow in British Economic History, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge

Aaron Jaffer
Curator of World History & Cultures at Royal Museums Greenwich

Graham Moore
PhD student & Associate Lecturer, University of Reading and The National Archives UK

Martin Salmon
Archivist and Curator of Manuscripts, Royal Museums Greenwich

Jo Stanley
Blaydes Maritime Centre, University of Hull