Life at Sea features the following tools and resources that can be used to aid teaching: 

Essays and Video Interviews – commissioned from academics on the Editorial Board and designed to highlight important documents and areas of study within Life at Sea.

Visual Resources – showcasing a selection of visual highlights from the documents, allowing for research into a wide variety of themes as well as study of the visual form, from watercolours to photography.

Map – telling the stories of ten seafarers using their own writings as source material. The narratives featured on this map have been selected to represent a broad range of experiences.

Glossaries – provides a list into specialized terminology used in the Life at Sea documents that are accompanied with definitions. These terms also offer suggestions for helpful search terms, as the Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) is most effective when searched using language that was used at the time.

Thematic Guides – provide a helpful access point into the material through a brief introduction to the theme that is accompanied by links directly to relevant source material.

Guide to the Archival Collections – introductions to the different collections which feature in Life at Sea, with a selection of document highlights as a starting point to explore the primary sources.

Editor's Choice – written by AM's editorial team, these short pieces are intended to provide an insight into how to find more documents and information about a particular area, subject or theme, illustrating the academic value of these documents, and to provide an entry point into the large amount of material that is present in Life at Sea.